29 June 2011

The SA Post Office's site does work!

There are many complaints on the Internet claiming that the SA Post Office Web site does not work properly.  This post will attempt to set the record straight.  After entering the URL the site loaded at a steady rate of 24KBps over my ADSL line.  For those who haven't recently seen it, this is what it looks like.

One of the interesting features of the site is a links link near the top.

Clicking on the links link takes one to a list of government departments.

One of the links in the links list is the SAS Secret Service.

Clicking on SAS Secret Service leads to a 404 Not Found.
This is perfect behaviour, is it not?


The SA Post Office yesterday locked my private PO box for the second time this year from the inside as they do for those who have not paid their annual rental.  I paid well in advance and showed them proof of payment to get my PO box unlocked the previous time they locked it this year.  I guess I have to go and show them proof of payment yet again.  I so wish they can get their systems to work...